The Group of Interdisciplinary Physics (GFI), founded in 2001, is a research, development and innovation (R + D + i) group based in the Department of Applied Physics III of the ETSI Engineering School of the University of Seville , in Spain.

The GFI collaborates with various public and private institutions. Among them, with the Child Neurosurgery Unit and the Neurosurgery Service of the “Virgen del Rocío” and “Virgen Macarena” University Hospitals in Seville, forming an Applied Neuroscience Group (GNA) at the Institute of Biomedicine of Sevilla (IBIS), the TEDAX-NRBQ Group of the National Police Force, the Calar Alto Observatory Astronomical Center (Almería, Spain), the Andalusian Institute of Astrophysics (IAA) -CSIC (Granada, Spain) the Andalusian Network for Design and Translation of Advanced Therapies , the HUMAINT Project of the Joint Research Center of the European Commission and other entities, with a decided academic, educational and social interest vocation.

Research, development and innovation lines (R + D + i).

The GFI's activities are focused on Applied Physics and Optics combined with Artificial Intelligence in Neurosciences, Neurophotonics and other medical areas, actively participating in pioneering Neurosurgery, Fetal Surgery and Interventional Oncology interventions at a national and international level, and in the design of systems of aids in diagnostics and optical and photonic technologies. Some of our most outstanding projects focus on:

  • Optical detection techniques for the SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 viruses.

  • Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Health. Technologies and social impact.

  • Neurosciences and intraoperative neurophotonics.

  • Image-guided surgery and non-invasive surgery in neurosurgery, fetal surgery, and interventional oncology.

  • Computer-aided diagnosis in hepatology, neurology (multiple sclerosis), and neurosurgery

  • Modeling of the central nervous system.

  • Biomechanics and hydrodynamics of hydrocephalus and related pathologies.


Welcome to the GFI of the University of Seville

About us

Members and collaborators of the Group of Interdisciplinary Physics (GFI) of the University of Seville include professionals in physics, industrial engineering, telecommunications engineering, biomedical engineering, neurosurgery, hepatology, neurology, radiology, anesthesia, intensive medicine, gynecology, oncology, ophthalmology, dentistry, biochemistry, biology, psychology and social education.


The Director of the Group of Interdisciplinary Physics (GFI) is Prof. Dr. Emilio Gómez González , Professor of Applied Physics at the University of Seville.




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